Educator Submission Process

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To date, the Catholic Education Foundation has provided thousands of dollars in scholarship money to deserving students. Yet providing funding assistance is only a small part of reviving our Catholic schools; we must also recover a true understanding of Catholic education and provide our teachers and administrators with the resources they need so to educate.

The Catholic Educator is designed to aid in the recovery of Catholic education – particularly Catholic secondary education - by fostering a broad, on-going conversation through which interested parties can share ideas, raise awareness of new programs and initiatives, and expand the apostolate.

The Catholic Educator accepts unsolicited manuscripts for consideration for inclusion in upcoming publications. Special consideration will be given to the following areas:

  • The philosophy of Catholic education;
  • Effective pedagogical techniques/curriculum models for Catholic education;
  • New programs and initiatives for the advancement/recovery of Catholic education;
  • Catholic school “success stories.”


School Profiles: 500 - 1,000 words
Book Reviews: 500 – 1,000 words
Articles: 750 - 1,500 words

Manuscripts should be typed in Microsoft Word, double-spaced. In addition, along with the article itself, please include:

  • A one- to two-sentence synopsis of the article;
  • A brief (no longer than 150 words) biographical sketch of the author;
  • If applicable: A brief (no longer than 100 words) overview of the mission of the organization which the author represents.

Electronic copy may be submitted to Father Peter Stravinskas at:

Electronic copy is preferred, but hard copy may also be mailed to:
Catholic Education Foundation
500 Linden Oaks
Rochester, NY 14625